Severe Weather Emergency Protocol Enacted.

From tonight rough sleepers in the town centre will be able to seek refuge from the cold at Blackpool Council’s SWEP facility (Based at the old Foyer Building as of the 12 Dec) ran by the Street Angels – the entrance being on Singleton Street but the building itself being the Housing Options Building on Chapel Street, Blackpool FY1 5DA.

The building known to many as the foyer i now the base for Blackpool Housing options and is also the home of the SWEP ran by the Street Angels.


The service is available to anyone who needs shelter from the cold and any town centre banning orders are lifted to allow local rough sleepers to get to the facility. This will be seen as a welcome move by many locals who have suggested that this building be re-opened to house those who need temporary accommodation.

The council issued this press release today..

WITH EFFECT FROM TONIGHT – Sunday 15th December 2019 – the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol in Blackpool is to be activated.

The new homeless emergency provision is located as follows :

Housing Options Building, Chapel Street, Blackpool, FY1 5DA – Accessed at the Street Angels entrance on Singleton Street.

The Access time will be 10pm, and the facility will remain in place until 7am the following morning.

Individuals will be expected to access at or a little before 10pm, and should not be arriving after this time. This is to prevent any possible disruption to the local residents.

However, any possible referrals can be discussed on an individual basis with staff at the provision using the Street Angels land-line- 01253 297768/ 07964202525 (mobile) . This will only be available of course when SWEP has been activated.

Any criteria previously preventing access to accommodation , in particular local connection and Criminal Behaviour Orders, will be lifted during this time. The SWEP provider will still be able to apply rules and restrictions if they feel that the individual presents a risk to themselves or others within the facility. Please note dogs are not permitted .

This will remain in place, until it is officially stood down by a further e-mail. I expect this to stay in place into the early part of next week but will review regularly.

Thank-you in advance for your co-operation.

Matt Dougall
Housing Access & Support Team Leader

Housing Options
Blackpool Council | South King Street | Blackpool | FY1 4TR

T: 01253 478447 or 07469020773