Promenade re-opened after Traffic sign smash

Officers from Blackpool’s new Police Task Force were on patrol tonight when they happened upon an RTC involving a White Sprinter van and a Tourist Information Matrix sign on the promenade close to Gynn Square (toward town).
The road was closed off and trams had been halted to allow workers to safely access the area which is directly next to the tram tracks.
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The driver was taken to hospital suffering from suspected head injuries and recovery and council workers have been on scene cleaning up.
The driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt which has lead the Task force to advise people that it’s a law not just for the sake of issuing fines – but it’s there to protect people.
The task force have been out today executing  number of drugs warrants as they are a result of the new funding announced by the government just after the election.
We have 2 new task force officers in Blackpool 2 in Wyre and 2 in Fylde.
As we left the scene the Van was on the back of the flat bed and the council workers had removed the sign and were allowing trams to run again.

Final Though

Aside from always wearing your seatbelt – we would like to offer you another take away from this news story and it’s related to recovery drivers. When driving on the motorway – If you see mber flashing lights coming from the Hard shoulder up ahead – It’s best to move your vehicle into the middle lane safely and with as much distance as possible before the recovery truck. This could mean the difference between a recovery driver making it home to his family or not. For more on that – here is our Wayne from Alpha Car collections on the M55 just 2 nights ago…