Free Food on Christmas Eve

For Families Struggling around the UK this festive season – German food retailer Aldi have got a little Christmas treat tucked up their sleeves.

Amazing Graze often receive donations for their food bank but they always need more.

Food banks such as the one at Amazing Graze on Bolton Street are able to offer limited assistance to people in the local area but having a big retailer like aldi wade in will dramatically help those living in poverty this Christmas.

The food retailer is urging people to come along to their stores on December the 24th to pick up food for those in need and the vulnerable among our community.

The company have said that they want to prevent any of their unsold food going to waste and they thought this was the most fitting thing to do at christmas time.

Aldi stores will shut at 4PM on Christmas Eve until the 27th December so it makes no sense to have food laying there going to waste only to be thrown on the 27th when workers report for duty – We think this is a great gesture.

Food will be distributed at aldi stores on the afternoon of the 24th and each store should have around 30 crates of food that would otherwise go to waste. They aren’t available to deliver this food to local residents but anyone is welcome to come along and pick up some fresh items for over the festive period.