Why We need YOUR £20 a week for local advertising.

6 Years ago the BPL Bible started as a good idea to spread the good word about what is going on in and around Blackpool.

We always wanted to be an independent news and media outlet for the town and surrounding areas.

The idea was simply allowing people to easily and freely access information and news about their local area as well as report local breaking news and access a bigger noticeboard for their own causes and fundraisers.

Key points

  • Independent
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Free to read – no forced sign ups
  • Over 80,000 existing followers
  • Over 30,000,000 reach last month on Facebook alone
  • Over 2000 people read each of our articles on our website
  • We provide relevant useful information that has local value
  • Positive media instead of knee jerk fear based headlines.
  • We use the SOCIAL in social media to it’s full effect unlike traditional forms of advertising.
  • We’re more like the Aldi marketing team as opposed to the M&S team…

Readers would naturally have to see some ads on the platform at some point and have been getting used to some google ads and other local advertisers too.

Just like with any service that starts out free. The ads will eventually come – bet we want to make sure it’s right for our readers and we think we’ve found the right mix.

In some cases you get free-mium where you have some free and the rest are paid in that time period. Putting forced sign ups isn’t our thing either – we’ve read the comments about it on other media sites and we’ve asked our readers. It doesn’t bode well. It’s our readers number one click off.

We didn’t want to go down that route – we would rather offer the advertising opportunities in each of our articles directly and individually to smaller local businesses who can’t afford to pay the big budget prices to compete in the other local media outlets’ “premium” advertising spaces.

6 years on

So after 6 years and building a following of over 80,000 people on Facebook alone – we are still managing to get 2000 views per article on our website despite only publishing them intermittently. We really do want to provide more content for our readers on our website but we’re still running on fumes effectively.

To give you an idea of how well the Facebook page performs – here’s a screenshot from earlier today. This covers the last 28 days.

We need local business sponsors to step up to the plate and help to share the cost of running the bible by buying a share of our advertising space. We get plenty of local traffic and interest in our articles so help us to publish more and get your business product or service seen by locals along the way. We pride ourselves on supporting local business wherever possible.

We want this money in our bank regularly in order to pay a wage to some of our volunteers in order to allow them more time in the day to actually concentrate on the job in hand as opposed to just helping out when they get some info or 20 mins spare. The end product we can produce will increase ten fold and become much more reliable for our users meaning – more users – more people on our email list to advertise our articles directly to which in turn means more readers to see your ads…

It’s entirely possible to work this new venture remotely without having to worry about the cost of an office overhead. We’ve done ok remotely so far and would only require minimal equipment to streamline the operation.

We can rent space and have access to some venues as and when required but effectively this can be a work from home business to a point.

With that in mind – we need as many businesses as possible to help share the load of the proposed wage bill for our team.

How much does it cost?

We’re looking for between £20 and £40 a week or month from you.

Whatever you can reasonably afford to spend on local advertising.

£20 is less than a round of coffees for our team for doing you 4 well placed ads on our free community media outlet.

We can  put up to 5 ads from different advertisers in each of our articles which average 2000 pageviews each.

We can publish 6 articles a day at the moment if we can pay for them.

If we sell 4 ads for £20 – you get 4 exposures in 4 different articles either over a week or a month whichever you can reasonably afford regularly.

If you can afford to advertise more then we very much encourage you to do so but we want to allow this opportunity to be accessible to any size of business hence the low price point to enter.

Ads. Huh? Yeah. What is it good for?

Absolutely anything to be honest.

Even if you don’t need any more advertising for your business and you’ve got loads of clients and money – it’s still good to buy our advertising and donate it to a local charity or good cause – or just pay it forward for another small independent local business to take advantage of when they are struggling. We can always add a text tag under our ads as a description.

We’ve been helping local businesses for the past 6 years and we’re not about to stop now – we just want to get better at it and do it more often.

Just like with any brand advertising campaign – the more you advertise the more your brand is seen and eventually trusted by local people. People usually use our services to help grow or boost their brand or Facebook page with relevant local followers.

It’s not an overnight marketing fix but in some cases this can happen over a course of weeks if the products is right for our audience. It can be useful in selling single items or single services and can lead people to the top of your funnel system if you have one in place.

We’ve not tried selling TVs, mobile phones, broadband, cars or houses yet but we think it’d be perfect for big ticket items like these.

We can help you to make the most of your opportunity when you decide to advertise with us. Once you’ve paid your first week’s £20 to sign up we will schedule a call to talk you through the process and discuss ways we can help you capture more customers from the local area.

Service / sector exclusivity

We won’t put your ad in an article with anyone who vaguely resembles your product or service.

We know that there are at least 50 different niche businesses / trades out there that we can appeal to with our advertising positions and until we’ve filled every one of them and exhausted our next list – it’s unlikely we’ll ever sign up your competitor for something you’re advertising for.

We have other advertising positions and products available and we have services designed to help local businesses grow and manage their social media brands. Email us for more info on how our team can help. Read on to find out more about our opportunity.

We can explain more about this when we call you after you’ve signed up if you have more questions.

What do the ads look like

Banners look like this and can link to your website or FB page – this has been de-activated here because we want your full attention on this page until the end.

Squares look like this and can also link to your chosen URL. all our ad media is displayed 728 pixels wide. we think it stands out well on both phnes and computers alike.

Your ads can look like a square or a banner. We will design Your first one for you if you need us to – or you can provide us with something You’ve already got that’s suitable. If you want us to change or create something new for you there is an artwork fee of £35 but your first one is free when you sign up. There’s no cost if you provide us with new artwork you’ve had designed. We will be looking at video positions in the future but at the moment we’ll stick to what we know works best.

We will match your company with 3-4 other local businesses and place you all in an article together that is either newsworthy or relevant to your business / industry. Wherever possible we try to write articles that will last longer in terms of relevance than normal news which is new for a few days and then it’s old straight away. Tourism guides – local’s guides – reviews etc. Things that people will want to share and spread around for us.

We will serve a mix of 2 banner and 2 square ads for your £20 campaign and will distribute them fairly among your Week’s / Month’s opportunities.

What do the articles look like

This is an example of an article we have previously featured advertising in.

The advertiser in this case was promoting local events leading up to the pandemic. The promoter ran this with a number of other ads and still advertises with us regularly.

The campaign objective was to get more people to look at the Facebook event pages and we managed to successfully help with an improvement in interest and reach when using our services.

There are many different forms of ads in our historic articles but we find that the images that we host on our own servers work the best and don’t suffer from ad blocking. They also provide a direct link to your own media which is their main selling point.

Another good example is this piece we wrote as a thankyou to Alpha Car Collections who helped us out with a recovery on our way to a news job during the first lockdown.
Alpha Cars Advertising Article

(We offered all businesses that signed up for it – free advertising during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown periods.)

On the Right Track

If you have any further questions or queries that haven’t already been addressed please email us with the Subject £20 Advertising deal at info@thebplbible.co.uk But if you’re happy to go ahead today – continue reading.

Following your first £20 payment we will schedule a 30 minute phone call at a convenient time in order to ensure that your advertising campaign with us is to your satisfaction before we send it out to our readers.

To recap –

  • You pay us £20 for 4 ads Today. This is how we get started.
  • You choose to use them over a week or a month
  • We place one of your ads in one of our articles along with 3-4 other local business ads
  • 2 of your ads are squares
  • 2 of your ads are banners
  • We write and publish the article on our website including your ad,
  • We publicise it on our social media platforms,
  • To all of our network’s pages and groups,
  • and to our website’s email subscriber list.
  • Once you’ve paid the first £20 we will call you before we run your ads.
  • You can choose to pay as you go or set up a standing order or direct debit at a later date.


Each article we publish triggers an email to our subscriber list of over 500 people so we need to make sure we get it right first time every time.
(We will at some point be looking into placing special offers from local companies into our automatic emails.)

In order to continue your campaign after your first £20 payment is used we will arrange with you for regular payment terms on the phone during the call we will arrange with you shortly after signing up.

We won’t bill you without your explicit consent for more than the initial £20 and you can opt out from further payments at anytime without funds being taken from your account. We will however fulfil all ad placements that have been paid for – you can choose to donate them to a charity or good cause if you have paid for some and no longer require them.

To begin your Ad campaign please use the blue payment facility button below and we will redirect you to your order form once completed.
We will ask you for details once during the payment screen and again on the contact form.

Email info@thebplbible.co.uk if you have any issues using this form.


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