Water Quality Means Blackpool Misses Out on Blue Flag

It’s that time of year where Keep Britain Tidy announces its awards naming Britain’s best beaches and hands out Blue Flag awards to those who made the list.  For the past 3 years, Blackpool has held one of the prestigious spots thanks to meeting all the award’s requirements for South Beach.  South Beach is the stretch of beach opposite the Pleasure Beach.  Sadly, this year, none of the beaches in Blackpool made the list.

There are 71 beaches that have been given this award for 2019, and not one of those beaches are even in the North West.

Why Did We Lose Our Flag?

Beaches need to conform to a certain set of criteria in order to achieve their Blue Flag status.  The areas that are assessed include:

  • Environmental education and information provision
  • Water Quality
  • Environmental management
  • Safety and Services

Blackpool lost out on the award as the water quality had dropped by 1.89%.  This is a very small change but unfortunately, it has cost us our flag for this year.

Hope For Next Year

Although the flag has been lost this year, the water quality had only dropped by a very small margin.  Although it is disappointing, Blackpool Council are hopeful that we will be successful in gaining the Blue Flag status back next year.

In spite of the loss of the flag, Blackpool’s Central, North, South and Bispham beaches have all been awarded a Seaside Award by Keep Britain Tidy.

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