Video: Teenager Punches security guard in the ass

Teenage girl causes havoc in McDonald’s Bank Hey Street.

A video has surfaced showing a antisocial incident in one of the town centres busiest fast food restaurants.

02/08/2019 – Written By: WILL RITCHIE, EDITOR
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The video which has been circulating overnight on social media had over 8000 views when we had discovered it. t’s not clear exactly when this footage was filmed but we are assuming its new footage.

The shocking video depicts a scuffle between an exasperated security guard at the McDonald’s Restaurant on Bank Hey Street who is trying to manage an unruly teenage girl off the premises. The teenage girl manages to land a few punches to the security guards backside and groin.


The security guard succeeds in ejecting the girl safely from the building amidst a mother and child fleeing the scene.

Crowd of children jeering

Other children stood outside the restaurant can be heard jeering the girl on whilst others point out that the girl is embarrassing herself.

The girl makes a second push to get back in the restaurant taunting the security guard. After making it back inside the girl then causes further disruption.

A teenager from the crowd follows the girl in and attempts to explain that she is embarrassing herself. This exchange quickly escalates into a brawl behind the counter with the security guard struggling to keep the two girls from hurting staff members or themselves on the hot equipment surrounding them.

Assaulting another member of restaurant staff

One bystander exclaims that one of the girls has slapped a member of staff.

The brawl breaks up with girls still behind the food counter – exchanging volleys of Milkshakes, McFlurrys and other items in a childish display in front of a busy restaurant of holidaymakers including children.

The teenager throwing milkshakes at the second girl involved

The girl who seemed to instigate the situation can then be seen leaving the store of her own volition.

According to a member of a local outreach team – the girl in grey was seen being arrested shortly afterwards on the promenade by police.

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Only yesterday police in Fleetwood issued special measures (section 34 Powers) allowing police to disperse crowds at will in a pre defined area, following an incident at the Marine hall where hundreds of youths surrounded the building causing damage to the Marine hall and to a police vehicle attending the incident – which occurred the previous day.

Police car damaged by teens in Fleetwood

We weren’t able to obtain any official statements at time of publication.


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