Prowlers Caught By Police

Caught Red Handed

2 men have been captured on CCTV prowling around a north shore property as police arrive on scene. Read on for all the action and the video!

08/08/2019 – Written By: WILL RITCHIE, EDITOR
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Footage has emerged on social media this morning of 2 lads who were hiding from police in the early hours of the morning. The footage is from a security system installed by one of our usual BPL Bible Sponsors – HAMISEC.UK

The footage shows 2 officers arriving on scene separately where we can also see 2 males dressed in dark clothing – hiding behind a van. The hapless pair have inadvertently given away their position by tripping the heat detector on an advanced security light which wont reset just by staying still.

The police start a search of the area with one officer heading out of shot and another officer approaching from the opposite side. Although the pair appear to be crouching down holding hands at this point we are sure that its just the way the still frame looks. It appears the police are responding to a report rather than just happen to be passing by the area.

For a moment it looks like the shadowy figures might have actually slipped through the net as one officer fails to notice them as they have adopted the ancient ninja concealment technique of crouching down next to a security light.

Our officer has clearly been trained in counter ninja concealment techniques and can be seen using his police issued eyes to spot the criminal masterminds the full length of a van away probably back lit really well by that security light.

After a short scramble and a bit of a run – One of the pair managed to escape whilst the other was taken into police custody in a very robust but necessary manner as by this point the officers didn’t know whether the suspects were armed / carrying sharpened tools etc or not. t would be easy to rugby tackle the lad in the road but would it be as easy if he were carrying something sharp..

Camo Pants Don’t work

You can see in the still frame below the chap in the camo pants trying to emulate a little known leprechaun trick of vanishing at the click of his heels. This fails which confuses the persuing officer and probably gave the camo trouser guy the edge in escaping the grasps of our officer who chases diligently regardless.

Click this picture to see the company that installed this system

More footage from that particular area shows the same pair prowling round properties and unlocking gates from the inside. The camo trousers are a dead giveaway. They stand out really well and distinguish him from anyone else in the area. Completely. There’s literally no doubt that this is the same fella. North Face Jacket, Camo Trousers… We’ve even got a picture of his face for you.

Image of suspect who escaped

This is the best image of the chap in the camouflage trousers. He managed to elude officers and is wanted for a chat. Contact 101. If you recognise the person from the north face jacket the camo (didn’t work did it..) trousers and the distinctive leprechaun jump as he runs away – let him know he is famous and the men in big boots would like a chat with him.

Another post on the comments from the CCTV footage has clear images of someone else wearing a north face jacket and camo pants also seen out on the prowl last night.  wonder who that could be.

A third picture from a resident very close by asks for help identifying someone wearing a black north face jacket. Must have been chilly last night as the fellas have their gloves on.

And in another incident from yet another property in the same area we see the same North Face Jacket and Camo pants at another property. Who has been a busy boy then.


In a separate incident from this evening another local resident had complained that their CCTV doorbell had been stolen from the front of their house which was recovered by the same fella who posted the cctv footage of the arrest.

One commentor on the original video stated that a few nights previously he had a North Face Jacket stolen from his car which matches the one seen work in this video by one of the prowlers.

A second commentor mentions that an attempt had been made to steal his moped which was in a house nearby, He thanked the uploader for having such a clear CCTV system installed.

Many other people have enquired in comments about getting a clear CCTV system and the reply has consistently been HAMISEC.UK

If you have any information that could lead to the identification of the suspect wearing the urban style camouflage trousers (which ironically make him stick out like a sore thumb on the dark CCTV footage) we urge you to call 101.

The Footage

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