Blackpool Heritage – Central Library

Central Library in Blackpool is part of a building that also houses the Grundy Art Gallery. It’s situated right in the centre of Blackpool and is easily accessible by public transport.


The plot for the library was chosen in 1908 and the intention was to create a library and art gallery. Bury based artists Cuthbert and John Grundy. In 1909, the building of the library began and was completed in 1911. The architectural company who had designed the library was called Cullen, Lochhead and Brown and their work was recognised when they won a competition.

Blackpool library closed fr a year from August 2010 During this time, a £3 millino renovation took place. It reopened on September 26th 2011. The library celebrated it’s 100th birthday just a month later.

A model on display in the library’s foyer


The Library was designed using classic Edwardian Baroque architecture. Built over 2 floors, the building itself is formed using red brick and has striped pilasters and stone coverings.

Central Library takes up the corner part of the building, and the entrance to this is framed with three stone pillars on either side. If you look to the top of the doorway, you’ll notice a frieze that is above a large rectangular window. The carved frieze reads “Central Public Library”.

On October 20th 1983, the entire building containing the library and the art gallery was listed as a Grade II building. This is the lowest of all the grades for protected buildings, but it recognises the building as one that is of national importance and special interest.

One of the library’s stained glass windows


During the renovation project in 2011, there were 8 stained glass windows that were commissioned by the library. The staff who work at the library, along with some of the Library users offered a brief to designer Nick Robertson, who designed the windows so they could be produced by London based company Rainbow Glass Studios.

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