FUBAR Chuffed as PLF Grande Cafe Gets Go Ahead

PLF Grande Cafe to replace former Prezzo Site

Plans have been agreed by Wyre Borough Council to allow an extension to the license and a change to the original plans of a former Prezzo site in Poulton

11/06/2019 – Written By: WILL RITCHIE, EDITOR

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Local DJ Jason Fubar is the Man behind the scheme and thinks that his new venture is just what Poulton has been waiting for.

Former Prezzo

His plans for the new venture included staying open later than Prezzo’s former licensed hours and including the use of outdoor seating to compliment the prime location.

There have been no objections to the proposals and today the plans have all been given the go ahead to the delight of Jason and the team.

We spoke to Jason today about the upcoming venture.

“I’m very happy that planning has been accepted for this project and that licensing has been granted with no objections. We’re Aiming to have the venue ready Mid-End of July.

The venue will be a Grande Cafe by day, in the evening the mood will change slightly to that of a high end restaurant feel and then later on after food service we will be bringing more of a classy cosmopolitan bar vibe to the place.

Poulton is a more affluent area and as such we wont be employing the use of flashing lights or loud music like people usually associate Me with at My usual job as a DJ. We are preparing more of a relaxed atmosphere that will still benefit from live dj’s entertainers and musicians but with a more refined feel. ”

More Info

Anyone wishing to follow the progress of PLF can find updates on their FB page Click HERE.

You can also see Jason this summer at the Back To The Old Pool Festival which will be held around venues in the Pleasure Beach on July 6th and 7th. Tickets are still available on Skiddle

Tickets are still available on Skiddle

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