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Official Fundraisers

The BPL Bible’s Editor – Will – has registered as an official fundraiser for Blue Skies Hospital Fund. This fund manages donations for Blackpool Victoria Hospital and this year we chose the Neonatal Unit as our department of choice. The SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit), as it is also referred to – specialises in looking after babies who are born too soon or those that are born with additional needs.

Our Daughter less than a week old in Blackpool Vic’s Neonatal unit

We never dreamt that our Daughter would end up IN the SCBU – But as I type this, our little bundle of joy is being cared for by nurses on the Ward. She was born at 3lb5oz, 5 weeks premature.

We didn’t know that any of this was going to happen, it was such a rush at the time – initially we genuinely just wanted to help out raising funds for the SCBU (in particular for new Apnea alarms) but now we’re learning first hand just how hard the staff work and the wonderful work that they are doing for our baby and for others like her. We all have to do what we can to support and help those guys!!



The BPL Bible Fundraiser

A daily sight in the maternity ward

Our idea from the start was to help the SCBU and the Maternity Wards to raise some much needed extra funds.  Monies donated would help towards purchasing new equipment such as breathing monitors and to go towards the costs of larger pieces of equipment, some of which costs tens of thousands of pounds.  Whilst we aren’t sure that we could purchase anything like an incubator for the unit, we hope that any amount we could offer the wards would really help them to continue to help babies and their parents to have as smooth an experience as possible.  As you can imagine, having a baby in hospital whilst you have to go back to your home every night to sleep is a really difficult time for any new parent. We’ve got 2 funds going at the moment we’re raising money for ward D and for the SCBU too.


BPL Bible Merchandise

Among other means – one way that we are raising money for the SCBU is by selling to YOU – toys and clothes that have been made by one of the BPL Bible’s own writers. (We’re also looking for volunteer knitting nana’s and crochet masters – read to the end for more details – there’s another tiny baby foot photo so it’s well worth carrying on) 

Here’s how else you can help…

For  just £10, you can purchase an Octopus or Jellyfish or tiny Snoopy toy, The toys are hand-made and small enough for preemie babies to interact with safely. The legs of the jellyfish/octopus mimic the umbilical cord in mother’s womb and can help sooth a tiny baby while it’s sleeping. If you want to buy any of these little beauties or would like to buy and re-donate to the fund you will find easy to use paypal order buttons embedded throughout this page (It’s all legit – we can send proof of registered fundraising status if required)

JellyFish/Octopus £10+p&p 


BPL Bible SCBU Octopus/Jellyfish – £10 – ALL Profits go to the SCBU!!

You can buy one of these for yourself as a keepsake – or to give to a new baby you know, or you can donate it directly to the SCBU to sell on their little trolley OR you can re-donate your toy to our cause and let use donate the proceeds from another sale too; effectively doubling the Donation. More about that below these pictures…

Snoopy doesn’t have tentacles – but he looks really cute next to a tiny baby.

BPL Bible Snoopy £10+p&p 

BPL Bible SCBU SNOOPY £10+p&p 

If you don’t have anyone to buy these items for, and if you don’t have room for something like this in your home, you could BUY NOW and we will make the item you request and it will be donated back to the cause to re-sell effectively doubling your donation! This is our favoured method of giving!!


Select from the drop down box below and click BUY NOW on paypal link below

Donate a:

Make a Custom Order

If you have any special requests for items to be hand-made, just send us a message and we will try to accommodate you with the best price possible including a fair donation direct to the SCBU. 

Use the PAYPAL buttons on this page to order any of our items, you can email us using with design instructions for your customised cuddly toy or alternatively, you can visit The BPL Bible’s Facebook Page and message us using your Facebook account.

Want to help another way??

You have still got options here if you would like to get involved. You can send a direct donation Via our PAYPAL account and we’ll just pass it straight on. Legit.

Please state exactly what your donation is for when using this button

Can You Knit or Crochet?

If you know how to knit or crochet and would like to make some tiny items of clothing or toys for us to use in our appeal – please send us an email to – we would be happy to facilitate your donations.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our little plea. We hope that it resonates well with you and that you are empowered to help our worthy local cause. 

Help us spread the good word

The easiest way to get involved is to simply Share or subscribe to keep us going… I’m sure you know how to share a page on your social media account… 

Please leave any messages of support or well wishes by using the secure comment box below. It’s linked directly to your facebook and you can share to your timeline using these comments too. Please help to spread the good word and check the little box to share to your timeline!!

If you’re still reading and would really like to help us – The BPL Bible are currently running as a not for profit. You can help us massively to meet the cost of our servers by just chipping in £1 per month… If you like what you read – why not sponsor us!!

We’re currently running a Go-Fund-Me in order to develop our small local media network into something that better serves the community. You could help us by pledging some money through them.

Alternatively you can use our own shopping cart function below to directly sponsor us for a month or a year.

1 year’s Sponsorship £12

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And then there’s Amazon

We’re straight up Amazon Affiliates. We get paid a small commission for advertising amazon’s site and products. All you have to do to help us grow is click on one of our amazon links before you decide to buy ANYTHING on amazon. Clothing earns us the most commission so you’ll find that we have added some links to clothing items that we think you might find useful along with links to other relevant items such as books and blackpool related products. 

We can offer students a 6 Month free trial of amazon prime student which pays us a small reward but you don’t have to pay anything for the trial…

You could also sign up for a free trial of any of the following Amazon services –

We get paid a small fee for each subscriber we get to take the free trial, but in honesty – they are really great services for the small amount they cost in comparison.

Just signing up for an account and then cancelling it after 30 days still gets us our small reward at no cost to you. It takes you a small amount of time and means we can improve the services we provide you WHILE you enjoy the free services from amazon.

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