2023 Publicity Products

We are often asked if we can share posts for local businesses to help them gain more customers or awareness for a product service or upcoming event.

If you have prepared a press release / communication with prepared images – please forward this to Newsdesk@thebplbible.co.uk for consideration.

You can post in our groups!

Before you post about your local business in Blackpool Community Chat. – we ask that you contact our advertising partners BPL APP and register with them before you post about your local business. Email Go@BPLAPP.co.uk to register and find out the current advertising fees .

There are over 36k Members who actively support local businesses like yours.

They are waiting for you to post but we need to make sure you’re genuine and that you’re willing to support the group and our local online community.
Remember though – posts that look like adverts don’t really get engagement – it’s good to also post about the local community in order to keep your business relevant / useful in the group. Contact with BPL APP will help you to get the best start with advertising in this local group.

All our groups

We have many other groups available for other purposes please inbox us about these if you have any questions.

Blackpool Advertising, Publicity and Promo Services

If you want to advertise, publicise or promote something on the BPL Bible’s social media outlets – you can do so by contacting BPL APP.

You can email Go@BPLapp.co.uk

(All our prices have recently increased as of 01/12/2023 – Associated web pages may still be displaying older prices.)

For £35 we can publicise your social post to our local online audience of over 100K followers and readers.
This involves taking an existing post from your own Facebook Page and sharing it directly to the BPL Bible Facebook page followers.
We will further share this to our group followers too AS the BPL Bible.

This can be helpful in exposing your brand to potential new followers – or for getting a boost for a new promotion you are running and it’s the lowest priced service we provide.

We have a digital creation team on standby ready to create and publicise media for you!

The team at BPL APP are ready to assist you in promoting your local offers and businesses. We can help you access a larger reach for a relatively small fee.

Some of the options are as follows:

XMAS / NEW Year Offer – Facebook only Campaign – 10 posts over 5 weeks for £50 – We create some posts and use some posts to share from your facebook page. Email Go@bplapp.co.uk to book this campaign now.

If you would like us to create and publicise something on your behalf we charge £45 and will share the post among all of our online digital assets. (5 pages and 3 groups, our twitter and our instagram)

If you would like to sponsor an article on our website you can do for £35 – we can even discuss what type of article you would like to be found in online.

You will get 3 banner ads in the body of the article with backlinks to your social media sites, websites or booking services.

We’ve recently teamed up with BPL APP who are dealing with all Bookings for our social media outlets and website sponsorship enquiries. email Go@bplapp.co.uk for all enquiries.

Do you need other web content creating?

Through our digital content creation partner company The Blackpool Content Company (FB) – You can easily access the same designers and webmasters who look after this and our other websites.

With starter packages from £99 including domain name, one year’s hosting and a simple contact web-page to start you off – there’s never been a better time to start a website.

They can also assist you with finding a photographer – videographer – drone pilot or any other kind of digital creative.

For online and media content – email – info@blackpoolcontent.co.uk

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